Baggage Tag System

Baggage Tag Consent

Welcome to FlightSafety International. One of our services is to provide personalized client baggage tags. In order to do so, we may collect and process personally identifiable information from you. Such personal information includes:

Personal Information: (Examples)Business Purpose:
  • Your name
  • Job Title*
  • Company*
  • Aircraft*
  • Address*
  • Phone Number*
  • Email Address*
* At your discretion
  • Create personalized baggage tags

The information you provide will be transferred to personalized baggage tags either manually using a laminating machine or electronically using a computer program and are then given to you. We will not process this information for any other purpose. The information provided is destroyed no later than four days after the baggage tags are created.

If you provide personal data about others for the purpose of creating a baggage tag, FlightSafety International will rely on you to communicate to those individuals that you are providing us with their personal data, to inform them that they continue to have privacy rights in such personal data, and to advise them of the lawful basis for processing being utilized or to obtain their consent, as necessary. FlightSafety is operating as a processor in this situation and is acting on your instructions.

Our Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy are available on our website or you can request a paper copy from our Data Protection and Privacy Office at You can revoke your consent at any time by following the guidance in the Notice and Policy. If you do not consent or revoke your consent, it is possible we may be unable to provide you with personalized baggage tags.

  By checking this box, I hereby give my consent for FlightSafety to use my personally identifiable information for the purposes described herein.